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Course Synopsis

The University of London is truly one of the great universities of the world. A federation of 18 world-class Colleges and 10 specialised institutes, with a student population of over 160,000,


University of London Law Programmes

In the case of the Undergraduate Laws Programme, academic direction is provided by six University of London Colleges with Law Schools or Departments. Collectively they are known as the Laws Consortium. The six Colleges are: Birkbeck; King College London; the London School of Economics and Political Science; Queen Mary; the School of Oriental and African Studies, and UCL (University College London).

Upon successful completion of their studies, students are awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate. Although the standards of these awards are maintained at the same level as the standards of awards made to students studying at LSE and the other Colleges of the University, the awards are distinct from degrees or other qualifications awarded by these Colleges. The diploma that students receive following graduation will state that the student was registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree or diploma. It will also state that examinations were conducted by LSE (in the case of EMFSS) or by University of London Law Schools (in the case of the Undergraduate Laws Programme).

For further information on the University of London International Programmes visit: http://www.londoninternational.ac.uk/

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