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Information Technology for Accountants (ISCA)

ISCA-AAT module: Information Technology for Accountants

This course is for ISCA-AAT Advanced Level students and targeted for those learners who already have bookkeeping knowledge but interested to learn an accounting software and the same time would like to achieve a MOS certification (Excel).

Course Objectives:

To equip the learners with work ready skills where digital skills including information technology solutions and applications will be leveraged upon to improve workplace productivity.  The acquired information technology knowledge and familiarity will allow the learners to keep pace with advancements in technology to improve in their work processes and effectiveness while providing opportunities for critical thinking and exception management in their daily function and taking on a broader spectrum of responsibilities so as to enhance workplace efficiency that will bring economic and human resource management benefits to the businesses. 

The “3-in-1” syllabus of this course will in view of how information technology solutions and advancements will help businesses to improve productivity a midst the fast-paced working environment.  It covers:

  1. Obtain the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification (Excel) which can be used for decision making.
  2. Gain an opportunity to learn how to use Accounting Software – QuickBooks (QB).
  3. Know how to improve the Accounting Information System and Internal Controls and other emerging topics.

Course duration
: From 15 Sep to 5 Nov 2017  (attending class twice a week)

Total contact hours: 54

Teaching mode:  Class room face-to-face

Course fee:  S$1,000 (inclusive GST)

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