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SAA Bridging

The SAA bridging courses in Mathematics & Economics are externally reviewed by the London School of Economics and Political Sciences academics for the purpose of seeking level 100 courses exemptions in the University of London International Programmes.

Bridging Courses Start Date

Feb 2018,  Apr 2018 & May 2018  Fees & Application SAA-UOL 1st Class Hons Students


Entry Requirement
• For local business related polytechnic students who graduated within the last five years.
• Passes in GCE ‘O’ level Mathematics and English. For students without GCE ‘O’ level English, their Poly Diploma must be awarded within the last 3 years.

 2nd Year Entry via SAA Bridging Course

The UOL degree consists of 12 courses.

A student may gain up to 4 UOL foundation courses exemptions upon passing both the SAA bridging exams. Hence, a student may enter directly into the 2nd year of the degree programme – i.e. able to complete the degree in 2 years (4 courses a year).



Local Poly Diploma Title Typical Automatic UOL level 100 courses Exemptions


Principles of Accounting (1 course) + statistics 1 (1/2 course)

Banking & Financial Services

Principles of Banking & Finance (1 course) + statistics 1 (1/2 course)

Business, Marketing, Logistics Management

Introduction to Business & Management
(1 course + statistics 1 (1/2 course)


SAA Bridging Course UOL Exemptions upon passing SAA Bridging Course

Passed SAA Bridging Economics

Passed SAA Bridging Mathematics

Introduction to Economics (1 course)

Mathematics 1 (1/2 course)

Passed both bridging courses

1 unnamed level 100 course (1 course)

For a list of the related polytechnic diploma and the exemptions available, please click here.

Delivery of Lesson

The SAA bridging courses consist of 12 three-hour sessions for Mathematics and 12 three-hour sessions for Economics. The average teacher to student ratio is approximately 1:15. 

Duration of course

6 weeks each for SAA Bridging Economics and SAA Bridging Mathematics

Please refer to timetable at: http://saage.edu.sg/Schedule-Examination-Timetables/324/69/page.html  

Assessment Mode

At the end of each course, students sit a three-hour Economics exam and a two-hour Mathematics exam that is externally reviewed by LSE.   

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