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Student Council Annual General Meeting 2017

Written by: Joeylyn Lee


After much inactivity in 2016, SAA Global Education’s Student Council has went through a selection of new blood for the 2017 Student Council Committee. On 15 February 2017, we held our Annual General Meeting with the new committee, including an orientation and hand over session where the Student President of 2016, Yong Xin handed over her baton to the newly elected Student President of 2017, Cindy. 

The Student Council Committee consists of students from the various programmes that we offer, coming together to provide a more enjoyable and conducive environment for our students to hang out in school. As student representatives of SAA-GE, they will be your listening ears, conveying students’ feedbacks and worries right back to the management.

With the bubbly fresh faces and new ideas, we will aim to bring more student benefits and activities for the year. Do keep a look out for the exciting activities planned by the Student Council!

SAA-GE Student Council Committee 2017

President                                            : Cindy Lew Si Hui

Vice President                                    : Honakande Svetlana Sanjeer

Secretary                                            : Ding Yani

Treasurer                                            : Hu Hui Fang

Welfare and Marketing Manager        : Shera Winarti, Wang Wei

Events Manager                                 : Joseph Yeo Kai Quan

Advisor                                               : Yovana Drinich

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