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Student's Achievements & Testimonials


International Student Scholarship Recipient Jan 2009
Singapore Top 3 Graduate- December 2010 Examinations

Hi, I’m Lan Yu Guang. My ACCA journey started at the SAA-GE in 2008, I must say it’s amazing and unbelievable.

I was recommended by others about SAA-GE, that is well known for the outstanding education quality and it is one of Singapore’s leading Accountancy training providers. When I went through the SAA-GE’s website, I found out about the international student scholarship, I was attracted by the generosity of the academy and its intention to provide assistance to encourage students to be outstanding. I applied and thankfully SAA-GE awarded me the scholarship. It is such an honor. I really want to express my sincere gratitude for this opportunity. The scholarship not only helped me financially, it also boosts my confidence and motivates me further.

I would like to thank all my lecturers for all the effort they have made. I received not only the knowledge but also invaluable guidance and encouragement from each lecturer. Without my lecturers, my ACCA journey would be much harder and I may not achieve several paper prizes and ended up as the Top 3 graduate in Singapore. Thank you very much, lecturer Mr Goh Sher Wee, AP Chee Hay Kheong, Mr Philip Woo, Mr Tan Peng Kwee, Mr Chow Kim Tai, Mr Ben Lee and last not least Mr Ian Lim. Only with your professional and considerate teaching, I am able to have wonderful grades.

I also want to thank all the staff of SAA-GE. Thank you for your assistance and patience to all students and providing a good learning environment to us. I must say SAA-GE is the place you should choose to start your accountancy journey. All your needs to study will be satisfied here, and more important, SAA-GE not only make your dreams come true, it makes your dreams bigger than you can imagine. 


Prize-winner for Subject 

Placing in Singapore 

Placing Worldwide 

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance



P3 Business Analysis



F8 Audit and Assurance



F5 Performance Management



T4 Accounting for Cost




International Scholarship Recipient July 2011

I am San Wailu Win who comes from Myanmar. I have always been dreaming of studying abroad. However, it is just like dream come true because our family is not extraordinary. We are not rich that I could not expect to attend international private school. In this regard, I received scholarship information from one of educational journals in Myanmar. In this journal, it introduces SAA-GE and its scholarships available to International Students. I immediately emailed to the person-in-charge and the reply came in just 3 days with details of application. Even though I have applied scholarship program, I have very anxious whether I will be chosen or not.  I would like to thank Ms Kelly, Ms Tracy for answering my countless questions and because of their help, I’m here. SAA-GE is nearly located near to the MRT. This is very important for international students where we are not familiar with the Country.  I enjoy attending SAA-GE classes because the lecturers are very kind to students and study environment is also very conducive. Thank you All

The prestigious SAA Global Education scholarships are granted to outstanding local and foreign students pursuing ACCA/CAT/UOL at the SAA Global Education Centre.

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