Privacy vs. Security

24 April 2018 Workshop

We are pleased to announce that SAA-GE is rolling out one of the many new initiatives for our students this year. In order to develop our students holistically, we will be lining up Pprofessional Development Workshops which will range from Corporate Governance, Cyber Security, Leadership, etc. this will help you to hone your knowledge and be in touch with the real world.

Topic: Privacy vs. Security
Speaker: Azhar Azib

You can have Security without Privacy, but you cannot have Privacy without Security.

Info Talk Outline:

The basics of the Singapore PDPA, its principles and obligations

  • Current enforcement climate and demonstrating compliance
  • Security obligations specific to the Singapore PDPA
  • How the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compares with our PDPA


Azhar Azib

Azhar Azib is the Founder and Principal Consultant at rawonionDecisions. He specialises in helping companies transform into smart, data driven organisations. His last corporate role was as Regional Marketing Communications Director for Asia Pacific at Microsoft

Today, his work spans all areas that come into contact with data, including Enterprise Information Architecture, Information Management and Governance, Data Driven Customer Strategy, Practice Reengineering, Business Analytics and compliance with Data Protection Legislation.

A Data Architect by training and a seasoned Database Marketer and Change Leader by practice, his 25 year corporate career with big brands like Microsoft, IBM and Global Sources has put him in many roles driving innovation, change and excellence in the way large corporations manage and use data to drive better connections with their customers and partners.

Azhar is also a Certified Information Privacy Manager and Technologist (CIPM, CIPT), accredited by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and a certified Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) professional. He focuses on Operational Compliance in the Sales, Marketing and Communications area and provides advisory to enterprises to help them ‘get compliant’ and ‘stay compliant’ to the Singapore and International Privacy and Personal Data Protection legislation.