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Exciting events are brewing at SAA-GE! Stay tuned for upcoming programmes catered specifically for working professionals looking to further their education and step into the next level of their career.
Unveil more details about the University of London Masters of Science in Professional Accountancy in this issue of our bi-monthly e-Publication and find out how you can keep your knowledge and qualifications up to date!
With Teachers’ Day around the corner, the editorial team of SAA-GE’s MESSAGE had the privilege to speak to our lecturers from the various programmes for their exciting life stories! Find out more about your lecturers in this issue and get more tips through their interviews to find out how they have excelled in the Accountancy field.
Don’t miss out on the testimonials from our students, showing their love and gratitude to their beloved lecturers too!
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Introduction to UOL MSc in Professional Accountancy

Written by: Teo Chua Chin

The University of London (UOL) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) have developed a groundbreaking study programme that allows ACCA students, affiliates and members to complete the Master of Science (MSc) in Professional Accountancy. The MSc modules are the first to be recognised by ACCA to count towards the professional level of the ACCA qualification. 
SAA Global Education is proud to be granted recognition for the MSc in Professional Accountancy within the Teaching Institution Recognition Framework (TIRF) of the University of London. This signals our commitment to developing high standards in respect of teaching, support to students and administrative processes. 
We are very excited about this program and wish to share the various study opportunities with you. This programme is ideal for aspiring accountants.
Via Pathway 1 entry route: 
Students who have obtained passes/exemptions for ACCA F1 to F9 and P1 to P3
You will only need to pass two UOL modules (Strategic Financial Management and Strategic Performance Management), and a Strategic Financial Project. You will be awarded the UOL MSc in Professional Accountancy and the ACCA professional qualification. 
Via Pathway 2 entry route:
Students who are current ACCA members or Affiliates
You will need to pass one UOL module (Global Issues for the Finance Professional) and a Strategic Financial Project. You will be able to gain a master’s degree alongside your ACCA qualification.
School of Management at University College London (UCL) is responsible for the academic direction of the UOL MSc in Professional Accountancy. University College London is ranked 7th in the QS World University Rankings® 2015/16 and 14th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015 – 2016. The research performed in the School of Management over the last six years has been rated as “world-leading” in the Research Excellence Framework 2014, a system for assessing the quality of research in UK universities. 
Do check out our MSc in Professional Accountancy website at for more information or drop us a line at . 
Keep a lookout for the launch soon! We look forward to seeing you for the programme!

Mr Tan Boen Eng, Chairman of ATTS visited SAA-GE

Written by: Alan Ng

Our Managing Director, Mr. Branson Kwok warmly welcomed Mr Tan Boen Eng, Chairman of ATTS (Association of Taxation Technicians Singapore) during his first visit to our Somerset Campus on 29th June 2016.
Mr Tan Boen Eng is also a Board member of SAA Global Education. He has been the President of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (now known as “ISCA”) for fourteen years since 1995. He practices as a Tax Consultant since 1995 and serves as a director of SIATP. He is also a Member of ISCA and Fellow CPA Australia.
With his wealth of experience, Mr Tan had provided us many useful thoughts and directions on our future course development. He shared that ATTS graduates would be given a professional title – Accredited Tax Practitioners (ATP) from the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals (SIATP) when practicing taxes or servicing clients in Singapore. This would help in graduates’ career enhancement and increase their employability.
The Association of Taxation Technicians Singapore (ATTS) was set up by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) in March 1995. ATTS is the awarding entity for the Preparatory Course of ATTS Specialist Certificate in Taxation. Over the years, ATTS has trained and produced many Accredited Tax Practitioners aimed at raising and uphold the practice standards of Taxation in Singapore. SAA-GE has been appointed to be the Administrator for the ATTS with effect from 01 July 2015.


Is specialising in Tax the way to go?

Written by: Kaylen Tang

“Is it good to be specialised in Tax?”
That’s a question lecturer, Ms Lee Yuet Lai receives frequently from her students.
Ms Lee, who graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Accountancy degree, chose to specialise in Taxation two years after entering the work force. Having taught Taxation modules in SAA Global Education since 2008, Ms Lee always respond to her students in enthusiasm.
“When you visit the doctor, do you pay more to the General Practitioner or the Specialist?”
“My greatest sense of achievement is when students come up to me, telling me that they find the tax subject interesting and that they want to do tax as their career. It makes me feel that switching my career to teaching is worth it!” shared Ms Lee.
Having been a tax advisor in an MNC after being in the Tax division of one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms, Ms Lee took a career switch to teach when she realised during one of her adjunct lecturing experiences that inspiring students to know about taxation is something she greatly enjoys!
“Taxation is never static, it is always changing, the law is always changing, therefore, it can never be boring.” said Ms Lee. “As a tax advisor, I can value add to clients, helping them to resolve tax issues and mitigate their tax liabilities. And there’s a sense of achievement through this whole process.”
“I started by my career in Audit and made the switch to Tax after two years. I have never looked back since.”
Ms Lee’s objectives in teaching Tax modules have never been to produce prize winning students, even though she has produced a good number of them. “Doing well in exams is a result of hard work put in by the students themselves; a lecturer could only do so much. Producing prize winner is not my objective per se. My objectives are to ensure students are well-prepared for their exams as well as to equip them for their future career.”
“I think the greatest challenge of a lecturer is to simplify a difficult concept to something which can be easily understood. When students are able to understand and comprehend a difficult issue; it is an intangible reward for me.” shared Ms Lee.
When asked to share some of the challenges she faced when lecturing in SAA-GE, Ms Lee’s comment was “Students come from very diverse background, with very diverse language and learning abilities. On one hand, I have to pace the lessons appropriately as well as explain as simply as I could for the benefit of some international students whose English is not their first language. On the other hand, I have to ensure the local students are comfortable with the pace and not find the progress too slow or boring. It is a balancing act.”
When asked to share the tips to do well in exams, Ms Lee shared, based on the feedback from her students. “One of the reasons students did not do well in an exam was due to poor time management.” To overcome this, Ms Lee usually advised her students to practise and when nearing exam, practise under the given time constraint. “Students may have understood the concepts, but without consistent practice from the beginning, they may not be able to complete all the questions given the time constraint. Understanding every lesson and practising consistently is the way to go.” Ms Lee advised.
For students who are unsure when would be a good time for them to be specialised, Ms Lee shared, “There’s really no hard and fast rule as to when to be specialised. If you are unsure after graduation on what you want to pursue, start off doing audit, get the experience and exposure to have a better sense of direction to go. But be prepared to work very hard for the first few years. The hard work will eventually pay off.”
Ms Lee further adds on, “Accountancy degree is a very practical degree. People can move into the finance or banking industry, even becoming an entrepreneur. To those who are looking at pursuing an accountancy qualification and entering the industry, it is important to enter the profession with an open mind.”
In Ms Lee’s words, “Pursue a career that you are passionate about. Give your best in everything that you do. Be professional. Be enthusiastic. Embrace life with an open mind and open heart.”

Lecturer, Chu Mui Kim shares her lecturing experience

Written by: Kaylen Tang

SAA Global Education has the privilege to interview a few of our well-loved lecturers. Amongst which, Ms Chu Mui Kim, who teaches the Assurance module in our preparatory workshops for Singapore Qualification Programme shares her lecturing experience with us.
Having graduated with an accountancy degree from NUS, Ms Chu is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore and has also received a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is now an adjunct lecturer not only with SAA Global Education but also with multiple private and public education institutions in Singapore.
Prior to teaching, she worked as a Financial Analyst with an American MNC in the chemical industry. In that capacity, she played a regional role by providing financial advice and reviewing the financial results of the affiliates in the Asia Pacific region. She was also an Accounts Manager with a computer company where her responsibilities included financial accounting, cash flow management and debt management. She started her career in KPMG as an auditor, having received a scholarship from the company.
“I decided to make the switch to academic teaching as I’m a people person and enjoy interacting with others. I find it enjoyable and satisfying to see students engaging with me, the materials and the class and being transformed by the learning experience in my classroom. Those ‘Aha!’ moments that my students had are especially priceless to me.” Ms Chu shared when asked why she decided to make a career switch to lecturing.
“My motto in life has always been to seek excellence in whatever I do and set an example for others in speech, in life, and in faith.” Ms Chu’s approach to teaching is guided by these principles of seeking excellence and modeling and she works towards inspiring her students to be similarly driven. 
“I tend to think that teachers impart more by way of example, and that students are very perceptive in recognizing when a teacher does not walk the talk. I try to teach my students certain values, both by my words and my actions. These include the importance of organization, preparation, and homework, the ethical values expected of public accountants, the value of clear and effective oral and written communication, openness to different points of view, ability to be independent, objective and critical thinkers, to name but a few.”
To demonstrate the importance of organization and preparation, Ms Chu puts in great efforts to ensure that her lectures are clear, organized and interesting. To make concepts understandable to students, content are often broken into manageable pieces where relation between concepts/theories to an event, action or state of affairs are illustrated. Almost any event can be linked to the business world and has accounting implications (e.g. the BP oil spill, Enron’s collapse, Worldcom). These examples are great to be used in class to remind the students that accounting is the language of business, and served to highlight the need to be honest and be men and women of integrity.
“Ms Chu is a very patient and motherly lecturer. She gives very good advice as well. Her heart is in the right place and is very concerned about her students especially hoping that they learn well while she is teaching. I remember very clearly that I was distracted during one of her lessons and she actually took the effort to ensure I regained my concentration during her lessons. I look forward to attend her lessons again soon.” shared Clare Lee, student of Ms Chu’s Audit and Assurance module, Singapore QP Foundation Programme.
 The atmosphere during Ms Chu’s lectures is usually positive and safe where students are called upon to discuss questions, and mistakes are treated as opportunities to explore misconceptions. 
“When teaching my students, I am always aware of their different learning styles and stages of progress. I take the cue from them in pacing my lectures and in deciding whether a certain idea or example needs to be explained again or explained differently.”
“I think that it is critical for the teacher to understand the students’ needs and consequentially, employ appropriate course design and instructional methods, which are stimulating, responsive and flexible. If the teacher fails to be flexible and be open to modification in keeping with students’ needs, she will simply alienate herself from the class and fail to make learning successful and meaningful to her charges.”

SAA-GE lecturer, Ong Kang Lin shares his life experience

Written by: Kaylen Tang

“Knowing what you want to pursue in life, and overcoming all odds to achieve success” is a life motto we can see from Mr Ong Kang Lin, lecturer for our University of London International Programmes after an interview with him.
Adjunct lecturer since 2009 and teaching the Banking and Finance, Investment Management and Corporate Finance related modules in SAA Global Education, Mr Ong also holds a full-time role as a Fund Manager.
With his wealth of experience in the corporate and investment banking sector, before becoming a Fund Manager, Mr Ong shared that lecturing has always been like his private interest; a long term pursuit which doesn’t affect his day-time job as a Fund Manager.
“Holding a full time job while lecturing has its advantages. I can bring in real-life, practical examples into the lessons to help the students learn how to apply the textbook theories in the real world.” said Mr Ong.
Graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor in Business Administration, Major in Finance, owning a CFA designation and having obtained an MBA with a major in Finance, Mr Ong shared that Finance is like bread and butter to him.
“I see myself as a late bloomer, obtaining average results all the way till Junior College. And it was only in NUS when I see myself doing well in my studies. I realised, to do well in school, we need a few things; Technique, Effort and Passion. When I get to choose what I like; Finance, and put in effort to learn the techniques of the course, I did well.” shared Mr Ong.
“One thing students should all realise is that, when you are a student, the world is at its fairest. Whatever you sow, you will reap. You obtain good grades based on the amount of effort you put in. But in the real world, there are a lot of factors that are beyond your control. There are lots more factors that could contribute to success and just working hard may not necessarily result in success.”
Having been a teaching assistant while doing his MBA in the US, Mr Ong realised his passion for teaching sparks off when he was explaining the concepts to his peers. “I find a sense of satisfaction when people can understand the concepts I am explaining. And that’s when I realised I want to share what I know to the next generation. The greatest motivation to me is when my students graduate from the course and have benefitted through the knowledge gained from the lessons, in their career.”
When asked some of the life advices he would like to share with the students, Mr Ong shared, “When I was a student, grades definitely mattered a lot to me. And I was hit hard when I did not do so well in my Physics subject a long time ago. But I learnt that failures and mistakes are part and parcel of life. Learning to pick yourself up is most important. Reflect, seek help, never avoid challenges but address our weak spots with a positive mindset!”
“On hindset there are many things I could have done differently in life. But I do not have any regrets because I know that failures are a part of life and learning to grow from it is more important. Thinking longer term makes me realise that certain mistakes at the moment are perhaps insignificant. Nevertheless, I would like to encourage the students, to have a plan at an early age. And be committed to accomplish the plan. This will be very helpful to ensure that you achieve success in life.”
“Don’t just go with the flow but always begin with the end in mind.” shared Mr Ong.

Learning without boundaries, “power up” your knowledge to succeed

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and every lecturer has their own story to tell regarding their learning experiences that requires constant exploration of new knowledge.
Our editorial team had the chance to sit down with Mr Kevin Lee, a tax accountant and SAA-GE lecturer for ATTS Specialist Certificate in Taxation programme (Module 4, Corporate Tax 2) and University of London programme (AC3093, Auditing and Assurance). 
Currently an entrepreneur on his own, Kevin is running a micro-international consulting firm collaborating with Intuit and Wolters Kluwer, providing accounting tax planning solutions to his clients. He shared that this was his third career change after working a decade of experience as a civil servant and Group Financial Controller with an SME. 
It was his childhood dream to be in a uniform group. However, after serving for 10 years, he feels that he has more to offer and achieve in the commercial sphere. “I have a dream to succeed in life. My fireman career might be over, but I have this new adventure ahead of me and I believe I can turn the page and start whatever I want in the commercial field. I refuse to underestimate the power of a dream”.
After completing his BSc in Economics and Management with University of London, he decided to take a career switch and venture into commercial field in Accountancy. Therefore he had signed up ACCA with SAA Global Education. Kevin shared his rationale for enrolling into the ACCA programme with SAA-GE and how he begins his Accountancy journey.
As an economics graduate, he understands the importance of knowing the numbers to venture into the commercial world. And the best person to talk about numbers is always an accountant. “ACCA is a good qualification which can speak for itself without further explanation from anyone else”. 
The major challenge during his career switch from a civil servant to an Accountant was his age. “By the time I start my Accountancy journey, I was 33 years old. I have a 10 – 15 years age gap with my peers when I enter the industry as an associate.” Kevin also mentioned that the other challenge will be the major pay cut. 
One interesting fact about Kevin that many of his students would never know is that he argued with his secondary school principal and insisted to be dropped out of the Principle of Accounts paper, a compulsory paper in his school during his O level studies. Yet, 15 years later, he embarked on his accountancy journey to be a professional accountant.  
“From a learning perspective, having a good mentor is important. “ He was thankful to have Mr Alan Ng as his mentor when he embarked on his UOL programme. Through Mr Alan’s guidance for his accounting paper, he realised that Accountancy isn’t that difficult.
Through the years, he has developed his own study methodology, which he described as an unconventional method. “Do not memorise the topic, understand it. Once you understand the concepts, the facts will be derived naturally.” he advised. If you force yourself to memorise, it will make the learning journey more challenging as you are doing things that you don’t like to do. He feels that understanding the concepts and enjoy the process is more important than achieving high flying results. – “Be average in school; be outstanding in life”.
“I find a sense of achievement when my students understand what I am trying to get across. I always find it satisfying when my students have expanded their knowledge with my guidance.” He shared when asked about his teaching experiences. 
Kevin does not consider himself as a teacher, but more of a facilitator in class. Some students might have better knowledge or experience than him but they might not know how to contextualise it. With the fast speed of the Internet, knowledge and information is very easily available. Thus, he sees himself as a facilitator guiding his students to understand and apply what they have learnt.
Mr Tan Meng Huat, 2016 ATTS Graduate, shared about his learning experience with Mr Kevin Lee. “I have very high regards for Mr. Kevin Lee, my Corporate Tax 2 Lecturer during the last cohort of May 2016. Mr. Kevin Lee’s tax research and reference materials have helped me a lot in preparing and passing the May 2016 ATTS exams. Mr. Kevin has also shared with his students actual tax case studies that really enforced our learning of the subject. He is a dedicated lecturer who motivates his ATTS students to succeed in achieving the ATTS qualification.”  
Throughout his career, Kevin has never stopped studying. Currently he is pursuing his Masters in Professional Accountancy (MPAcc) with University College London as a self-study student. To him, studying and expanding of knowledge have turned into a hobby. He likes to read, and learn (also unlearn) and to take learning from different perspectives. 
He shared on his views on lifelong learning “Always continue to learn and leverage on your existing understanding so that you can “power up” your current knowledge and skills and always manage your time and ensure you spend it wisely.”


ACCA graduate, Leong Wai Kit and his career aspirations!

Written by: Kaylen Tang

SAA Global Education is proud to produce yet another outstanding graduate who would be entering the accountancy industry with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms.
Leong Wai Kit, a Singapore Polytechnic graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a GPA of 1.8 at that time, would never see himself as an outstanding accountant.
But his turnaround came when he embarked on the ACCA programme with SAA Global Education.
“At first, I chose the ACCA programme because of its recognition and employability. Mathematics has always been one of my strongest subjects and my family is not very well to do, ACCA seems like the most reasonable choice – one of the cheapest, most recognised qualification with good prospects.” shared Wai Kit when asked why he first chose ACCA.
“But after I started the course, I realised the techniques learnt, the knowledge come so naturally to me. I like to figure out why certain theories are determined this way, I love the critical thinking and finding out the rationale behind the techniques and theories.” said Wai Kit.
Despite his success today, having graduated from the ACCA programme with outstanding results, clinching the first and second place as prize winner for the F5 and P3 papers respectively, and also clinching a job as an Audit Assistance in General Assurance with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms, Wai Kit has his fair share of failures and disappointments.
“I failed P7 once during my course of study; I was having a fever at that time and didn’t manage to do well in the exam at all. Because of this, I missed being one of the top graduates. At that point of time, I was really disappointed with myself. But I picked myself up and continue doing my best for the rest of the programme. Looking back, I learnt that failures are part and parcel of life. It’s not the end of the world when you fail. The most important thing is to pick yourself up, never give up and complete the race.” Wai Kit shared.
Wai Kit has many plans upon his graduation. Amongst which, are his career aspirations.
“I am excited to embark on my career really soon. Through this job, I hope to gain more experiences, talk to different people and have a wider perspective of my job and industry. There is so much to learn and at this point of time I guess, I really want to be exposed to as much as I can and learn as much as I can”
“I am also currently taking the ACA qualifications and through that I hope to gain the designation of a Chartered Accountant.”
With his experience of passing his ACCA examinations with outstanding results, Wai Kit has also been invited to share his experiences and examination techniques with existing SAA Global Education students. The sharing session, Examiner’s Insight will be held on 6 September 2016 and he will be sharing his experiences together with our F5 Lecturer Mr. Ian Lim.
When asked for some advices during the interview, he shared, “There is an examination language for ACCA exams. One needs to understand the cause, having logical thinking skills and business sense. Reading management books and watching movies help me quite a bit. In life, we compete with ourselves, set our own targets, do our best and achieve our targets one step at a time!”

Testimonial from FP Students, their secret to a work and study life balance

Written by: Jasmin Aquino

Foundation Programmme for Singapore QP is the academic base for the Singapore Qualification Programme. With four intakes a year, SAA-GE has consistently prepared candidates to achieve their professional qualification in becoming a Chartered Accountant of Singapore (CA). As we are launching our maiden intake for the enhanced Foundation Programme, we are privileged to have two of our students who recently completed their existing Foundation Programme to share their learning journey with SAA-GE.
Ms Leow Hui Ling and Ms Chow Qian Ling are SAA-GE’s UOL graduates in Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance. They continued their Accounting journey with SAA-GE to embark on a new adventure – the Singapore Qualification Programme. They shared that the two main factors which influenced their decisions to study at SAA-GE over other educational institutions were the conducive study environment and quality of lecturers.
Ms Leow commented that SAA-GE lecturers are approachable. “The lecturers will go the extra mile by ensuring that the classes are interactive. They are willing to share their knowledge and expertise in their fields.” In SAA-GE, we pride ourselves that all our lecturers are highly qualified professionals with many years of commercial and academic experiences who will equip our students with the knowledge they need to prepare them for professional development.
Ms Chow described her lecturers as very dedicated and patient in their teaching. She commented that our lecturers are always eager to help and share their experiences to enhance the students’ accounting knowledge. “SAA-GE lecturers are able to pay more attention to students due to its commitment to a small class size ratio”, she added. Indeed, SAA-GE lecturers play a big part in aiding our students accomplish their goals.
Although both students are working in an accounting field, specializing in Accounts receivable and AP functions respectively, they were able to balance their work and studies with SAA-GE. Ms Leow credits her education at SAA-GE for preparing her with “plenty of accounting and financial knowledge that give her a head start in her accounting career”. And Ms Chow mentioned she was able to make better decisions on job requirements and acquired accounting knowledge from studying at SAA-GE.
Pursuing a Professional Qualification is never an easy task to manage. Students must be ready to face the challenges that they would encounter along the way. Ms Chow shared that proper time management is her greatest challenge. To being able to manage her time properly and taking part-time studies with 1-2 courses at a time are her successful formula to complete her Foundation Programme. For Ms Leow, she is a working professional and thus it is unavoidable that she will require doing self-study when she misses her classes due to her busy work schedule. However, she makes it a point that she would ask for help from her lecturers for any clarifications if she does not understand. This has helped her a lot in overcoming the challenges in pursuing a professional qualification.
Successfully completing the academic base is just the beginning for them as they will be venturing into the next stage of the Singapore Qualification Programme. They are now a step closer towards their ultimate goal in becoming a Chartered Accountant of Singapore.
We wish Ms Leow Hui Ling and Ms Chow Qian Ling, and all our Singapore QP candidates all the best in their profession and career, and hope that they will continue to trust SAA Global Education to enrich their learning journey and hone their accounting skills.

One of the right ways towards success

Written by:  Li Jingjing

[ACCA 2015 Exam F5, F6 and F9 Prizewinner]

My name is Li JingJing. I am currently taking ACCA programme in SAA Global Education. I am unlike some students who may have basic accounting knowledge or have the privilege to enjoy certain exams exemption as they have prior accounting related background during their past learning journey. Having no accounting knowledge, I have enrolled into the basic accountancy programme – Preparatory Course for Certified Accounting Technician (CAT), in order to underpin my accounting foundation which I think it is very important for my ACCA study.
In fact, my major was Japanese and international trading before I decided to switch over to the Accountancy field. I have attained the Japanese certification (Level 1) and International Business related certificate during my past learning journey. I thought I would work in some area that is related to my initial major throughout my career life. However, while I was working in Panasonic back in my hometown, I was given the opportunity to work with the Finance Manager and interact with the appointed internal auditor from Japan head office. I admire their professionalism and believe that their professional knowledge has equipped them to look smart, wise and charismatic. Through an opportunity, I was allowed to study in Singapore. I approached SAA-GE to enquire more about the Accounting profession and enrolled into the CAT and ACCA programme.
Throughout my time here, I have clinched the prizewinner award for several ACCA modules. I really appreciate all my lecturers as they always try to help and guide us to understand every subject and pass the exams. Their teaching methods and styles really help to make this long journey happier and easier.
I believe that many ACCA students have read numerous articles about how to excel in ACCA exams just like me. However, I would like to share with my peers the three steps that I take to keep me going.
1. Remember why you took up the ACCA course.
2. Find out the most effective way of studying that best suits you.
3. Never give up and keep heading in the right direction.
Steps 2 and 3 are not easy for me personally. Finding the most suitable way to study may take time and it is also easy for people to get started but not finish well. However, I strongly believe, if you persevere on, you will be able to excel!


SAA-GE Advanced Diploma/ Plymouth University Programmes Preview Talk

Gain up to 9 exemptions for the ACCA papers with our Advanced Diploma + Plymouth University pathway. Find out more from our Programme Director during the Course Preview!
What’s more? There is an exclusive $1000 DISCOUNT* for students who enrol into our Plymouth University programme by 9 September 2016. For more details about the programmes that we offer, please visit our website!

Date: 2 sep 2016 (Fri)
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Vanue: SAA Global Education @ 111 Somerset Road, #06-01/02, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164 (accessible via Somerset MRT, Exit A)

Pearson LCCI Level 2 Award in Computerised Bookkeeping Preview Talk

This qualification develops the students’ ability to use a computerised accounting system to set up company information, make journal and ledger entries, carry out stock control processes and process routine payments and receipts. Find out more during the Course Prevew!

Date: 2 sep 2016 (Fri)
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Vanue: SAA Global Education @ 111 Somerset Road, #06-01/02, TripleOne Somerset, Singapore 238164 (accessible via Somerset MRT, Exit A)


SAA-GE, a School with Heart

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

In May 2016, one of our cleaner colleagues Mr Abdul Bin Suang’s house in Sabah was destroyed by a fire. According to news reports, the fire destroyed about 250 squatter houses and unfortunately Mr Abdul’s house was amongst one of them. He and his family lost virtually everything they owned.
SAA-GE believes in nurturing both staffs and students alike. We believe in a school culture where we are able to empathize and help those who are in need. Our Managing Director, Mr Branson Kwok put together a donation drive and appeal to all our colleagues to donate and contribute to Mr Abdul, helping him in this difficult season of his life. He emphasized that no amount of money is too small as long as we are giving it from the bottom of our heart. We are glad that our generosity will help him to get his belongings and his livelihood back.
With that, let’s continue to grow SAA-GE as a “School with Heart”.

Playing a part in giving back to the Society

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

SingYouth Hub is a non-profit organization registered under charities. They often organize sales training at our SAA-GE campus which mainly involved school students and raise funds through selling of unique items hand-made by the students. To show our support for their projects, we are happy to sponsor them the usage of our seminar room.
In their appreciation for our constant support, Mr Nelson Choo, our Division Director of Operational Services who attended the appreciation dinner on 23 June 2016 organized by SingYouth Hub, receives a token of appreciation from Ms Sim Ann, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry on behalf of the school.
We value the opportunities available to give back to the society through voluntary work. SAA-GE adopts a four dimensional approach (Corporate Governance, Green Initiative, Corporate Philanthropy and Community Involvement) towards fulfilling its responsibility to the community and society which resonates with our Mission, Vision and Values.
SAA-GE looks forward to future opportunities for collaboration with SingYouth Hub in organizing meaningful activities to add flavours to our student life and contribute back to the society!

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