SAA-GE's Message #07 - December 2016

Seasons Greetings & Happy New Year from SAA-GE!

Year end has been a busy month for us with two major events happening in November and December. November, SAA-GE has successfully held its annual Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2016 at Capitol Theatre with  two of our students who took up the challenge as Emcees. Enjoy the backstage interviews with the Emcees in this year end issue of MESSAGE!
Our Open House had successfully wrapped up on 17th Dec which showcased our newly refurbished Library that was co-branded and sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).
Do not miss the Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Ernest Kan, Deputy Managing Partner of Deloitte Singapore on his views on the current trends on the accountancy industry!
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[Part2] – Trends in the accountancy industry and the initiatives Deloitte is working on: Dr Ernest Kan, Deputy Managing Partner of Deloitte Singapore

Written by: Kaylen Tang

In the last issue, we featured an article on how Dr Ernest Kan, Deputy Managing Partner (Markets) of Deloitte Singapore built his career in accountancy.

This issue, we will hear more from Dr Kan on his views on the current trends in the accountancy industry and the initiatives Deloitte Singapore is working on.

“If I can summarise the accountancy industry with 2 Ds, it will be Disruptions and Digitisation. The marketplace is changing and our business is constantly being disrupted. Some challenges that we are facing include tough fee competition, regulatory changes and increasing overheads. These are all part and parcel of doing business in this industry but the best firms will be those who can manage all these challenges well,” shared Dr Kan.

“The other ‘D would be Digitisation. In the world we live in today, technology is constantly changing. Digitisation is something every firm has to cope with. To keep up with the changes, we have to continue to innovate. Our systems has to be kept up-to-date. We need to ensure we continue to improve our work processes and productivity through computerisation and system upgrades,” said Dr Kan.

Dr Kan also shared, “In Deloitte, growth is not an option but a must. We have to grow and everyone in the organisation from partner level to every employee must understand that. Our aspiration is to become the undisputed leader of the professional services. We want to be the best and the natural choice for clients.”

In line with the ‘One belt, One road’ initiative first proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, to foster collaboration along the historic Silk Road and maritime routes, which passes through Southeast Asia, Middle East and East Africa; one of Deloitte’s main focus now is facilitating Chinese investments in Southeast Asia.

Through the global network, Deloitte Singapore coordinates efforts with Deloitte China to support Chinese multinational companies seeking access to the Southeast Asian markets – expanding operations, raising capital and/or engaging in mergers and acquisitions.

Expanding its scope from traditional audit services to advisory services, Deloitte will continue to grow her advisory services to provide in-depth understanding of the target market’s business environment to her clients, help to identify potential projects, advise on local laws and regulations to ensure compliance as well as develop a strategy for market development to help clients obtain maximum growth by tapping onto the ‘One belt, One road’ initiative.

“One of the advantages of working with Deloitte is our global and connected network. We have global expertise as well as local knowledge. The in-market teams work closely across the region and there is robust knowledge sharing. For example, there could be an opportunity in Country A for our clients who have investments in Country B, we can easily leverage the network and tap on the expertise in Country A. We can also easily mobilise resources across the network for different projects,” shared Dr Kan.

When asked about how Dr Kan identifies good leaders for the firm, he shared, “The best leaders are those who understand the need for organisational growth and are translate the vision to what it means for the employees. A good leader understands the big picture and a good leader admits that he does not know all the answers.”

He identified two important traits of good leaders: “Inclusiveness and having a heart for the people.”

“A good leader has to be able to accept people with different views and include these views in the decision making process. They also need to have a heart for the people; understanding that different people have different strengths, circumstances and shortcomings and to handle each subordinate with an emphatic and understanding heart.”

Dr Kan’s underlying principle is to be a blessing to others in all that he does: “I believe that this life is a life God has given to me – that I am a vessel where things given to me must be passed on. This is what drives me. If I can give, why not?”

Dr Kan has over 30 years of professional experience. He is also the Regional Southeast Asia Head of Global IFRS and Offerings Services, Board Member of the Global Chinese Services Group and Southeast Asia Regional Head, Chartered Accountant of ICAEW, Chartered Certified Accountant of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), CPA of CPA Australia and a practising member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). Dr Kan holds a PhD in Business Administration.

SAA Global Education Graduation Ceremony 2016

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

2012 November 2016 – SAA Global Education had successfully held its Graduation Ceremony for Class of 2016 at Capitol Theatre. This event was proudly sponsored by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) Singapore.

The event was held annually where we celebrate the success and hard work of our students, as well as showing appreciation to our lecturers. However, this year SAA Global Education celebrates the hidden heroes behind the scenes as well – Parents and Family. The graduation committee had themed this year’s ceremony “Gratitude and Support”, reminding our students that while celebrating their success in academic, it is also time for them to express their gratitude to those who have supported them through the tough journey.

A special clip was played during the ceremony, showing the congratulatory messages from the various pillars of supports of our students. Relive the moment with this link:

We would also like to thank our Guest of Honour, Mr. Kon Yin Tong (Vice-President of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants), Education Partners from MacQuarie University, ACCA, Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) and ICAEW Singapore for gracing this event.

Here’s an abstract from the congratulatory speech of our Guest of Honour to our Graduates:

Graduation marks both the end of your formal education journey as well as the start of a brand new one, including entering a new phase of life as a professional – or the University of Life, as some call it. The accountancy profession welcomes new talents and I am sure that you will make a positive change and lasting impact in the accountancy sector. To do this and to make a difference in your life, and the world around you, you need to keep on striving to improve yourself.

With a slight twist from past years’ practice, we held our first Emcee Audition and selected our very own students to host this special event. It was an excellent learning experience for both the students and the graduation committee. Interested to find out about our Emcees and why they decided to take up the challenge of hosting such a grand event? Check out the special backstage interviews that the MESSAGE Editorial team had with them below!

Lastly, on behalf of SAA-GE, MESSAGE Editorial Team would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2016 and wish you every success in your future endeavours.

SAA-GE December Open House

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

17 December 2016 – Following the excellent responses from the June Open House, SAA Global Education held its second Open House this year, with various featured talks and course previews, introducing and mapping the pathways available to our existing and prospective students.

With the newly refurbished library in place, the Open House on 17th December kicked start with the featured info talk by Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and Pearson Singapore on ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) programme and Pearson LCCI Level 4 Financial Qualification. Goodie bags were sponsored by ICAEW exclusively for the attendees of the featured info talk.

Apart from the featured talk by ICAEW and Pearson Singapore, we had the privilege of having our education partners to speak at our event, providing our students and guests with the insights right from the players in the Accountancy industry. The invited speakers were from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and CIMA Singapore.

The talks provided a platform for our attendees to interact and receive information directly from the various qualification providers. This was the best chance for our attendees to have their queries answered directly from the representatives of each qualification.

We were also honoured to have representatives from one of the top 30 accounting firms in Singapore, Ms. Jocelyn Goh, Audit & HR Partner and her team from BDO LLP to share on the Career Opportunity in Accounting Firms. Students and guests have the opportunity to hear directly from the representatives in the Accountancy field on the highs and lows of the industry and what to expect when they step into the working world.

Special thanks to ICAEW and Teenage Magazine for their kind sponsorship to make our Open House a success. With the positive feedbacks and responses received in this event, we truly hope that it helps and inspires our students and guests to start their first step into the World of Accountancy!


Academic Development for the year 2016

Written by: SAA-GE’s Academic Team

As we wrap up the year in our December’s issue of SAA-GE MESSAGE, let us review on the academic initiatives that SAA-GE and achieved and implemented in the past 12 months.

Outstanding Examination Performance

SAA-GE is pleased to share the very outstanding examination performance of our students across our programmes spread for the year of 2016. For 2016, we have achieved above the national passing rates for the Singapore QP and above the global passing rate for the CIMA Strategic Case Study examination. We have also produced more than 830 prize-winners to date for the ACCA examination and worldwide top mark for the UOL examination papers.

ACCA Initiatives

In Jan2016, a MOC was signed with ACCA to provide higher quality learning experience for students not only in Singapore but also in the region. SAA-GE will kick start this by publishing the study text and revision kit for the Singapore variant papers, F4 – Corporate and Business Law early 2017.

UOL Affiliate Centre Status

In Dec 2016, SAA-GE is pleased to receive the UOL Affiliate Centre status from UOL. This is attested by 15% of our UOL Accounting and Finance graduates achieving a 1st Class honours degree and 40% of our UOL Accounting and Finance graduates achieved at least an Upper Second Class Honours degree in 2016.

New Academic Initiatives:

In June 2016, a MOU was signed with ICAEW and Pearson Education. SAA-GE will be launching the ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) and Pearson LCCI Level 4 Diploma in Accounting and Finance in 2017.

Initiatives to improve the students experience

SAA-GE takes pride in improving our students overall experience.

The EY Career Talk, Foo Kon Tan Career Talk and BDO LLP career talk was held in 2016 to improve the employability of our students. In fact, one of our students was offered a job by EY.

A Tax Seminar, supported by EY was also conducted in 2016 for our ATTS students in 2016.

With that, we look forward to serve you better with more exciting academic plans in 2017!

SAA Global Education's Refurbished Library

Written by: Wong Jin Shien

17 December 2016 – SAA Global Education showcased our newly refurbished Library during the second Open House this year. The library refurbishment project was co-branded and sponsored by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The aim is to provide a platform for a soft launch of the Pearson LCCI Level 4 Financial Qualification and ICAEW Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) at SAA-GE.

There is also a dedicated shelf that is complete with ICAEW learning materials and literatures to support students enrolled for the ICAEW CFAB programme. This is an effort by SAA-GE and ICAEW collaboratively to ensure a conducive learning environment for the students.

A preview session was specially held at the library during the Open House event. Together, Mr. Tan Wei Luo from ICAEW, Ms. Chong Woon Yen from Pearson Singapore, and Ms. Laksha Mehta from SAA-GE shared with earnest audience the routes to obtaining the ICAEW CFAB and how it will lead to the prestigious ICAEW Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) qualification.

An exclusive interview with CIMA Singapore Representative, Ms Shavonne Sim

In the recent August 2016 Strategic Case Study exam, SAA Global Education’s students have achieved a high passing rate of 73%, which is above the average CIMA global pass rate of 62%

With this excellence performance of our CIMA students, SAA-GE had invited Ms Shavonne Sim, Head of South East Asia, CIMA to share more about the programme with our prospective students during our recent Open House. Having led CIMA Singapore as its Country Manager for 3 years, her current role is to lead the CIMA Country Managers of the respective South East Asian countries in delivering member and student growth for the region. She is also responsible for driving the progression of students towards CIMA membership and ensuring their retention within the institute.

Despite her busy schedule, the MESSAGE team had the chance to e-interview her to find out more insights on the CIMA programmes and what’s in store for SAA-GE and CIMA in 2017!

  1. Could you share more about the CIMA programme which SAA-GE and CIMA are currently working together on?

SAA-GE is CIMA’s exclusive Learning Partner which provides study support to students from two special pathways – CFO Programme and ISCA-CIMA Pathway.  These pathways allow experienced senior executives and ISCA members to join CIMA and become Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMAs) by taking only the final CIMA exam – Strategic Case Study.  SAA-GE has been instrumental in helping these students to pass their exams by running intensive three-day workshops.

  1. Could you share more with us about the challenges and obstacles the students might face when pursuing the qualification? 

For students who come through these special pathways, they are typically career high flyers with busy working schedules.  Therefore finding time to study is usually a challenge.  Many of them have also not been taking any public exam for years and their exam techniques may be slightly rusty.  However, the workshops conducted by SAA-GE are specially designed to best suit the needs of these students. For example, the intensive workshops are conducted over three consecutive days as many senior executives find this arrangement to be more suitable than classes that are spread over three weekends due to their frequent business travels.  The workshops are exam focused and includes a mock exam to ensure that all students are well prepared.

  1. Why should students choose SAA-GE and CIMA’s qualification amidst all the other available qualifications out there?

SAA-GE is the education arm of ISCA, with a solid 30-year reputation as the leading accountancy education provider in Singapore. It has helped CIMA to deliver the exam preparation with great success. The passing rate for the last exam sitting in August surpassed CIMA’s global passing rate.

The special pathways – CFO Programme and ISCA-CIMA Pathway – are unique one-exam pathways designed for busy professionals who want to give their career a boost by attaining a globally recognised professional qualification. With their vast experience in finance and business functions, it’s only a matter of putting their practical knowledge into an exam context. The rewards are priceless – reputation as a professional and recognition by leading employers around the world. With the creation of a new Association in 2017 by CIMA and the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), they will join 600,000 current and next generation professionals. The new Association will be the biggest and most influential professional body in the world.

  1. Could you share more with us on the passing rates of the CIMA qualification and how SAA-GE has performed?

Over the past two years, SAA-GE’s performance has gone from strength to strength.  In the most recent August 2016 Strategic Case Study exam, SAA-GE students have achieved a record high passing rate of 73%, which is even above the CIMA global average of 62%.  We are very pleased with the results.

  1. What trends or changes do you foresee in the accounting industry in the near future and how would the qualification SAA-GE and CIMA offer help the professionals?

Finance professionals today are facing many challenges. There is the disruptive impact of the digital age to contend with and a redefinition of the role of finance. Intangible assets are becoming the key drivers of business so how do finance professionals account for this value? There is also an overload of information and the challenge it brings to decision making and communicating insights that meet the needs of the company. Finance professionals are also the guardians of reputation and trust as investors and other stakeholders want greater transparency about the overall performance of the business.

Finance professionals must therefore have the necessary skills and competencies to manage the various challenges and help the management team to make good decisions for business success. For good decision making, there is a need for them to be integrated thinkers – to be able to join the dots and understand how the different parts of the organisation come together to create value. They need to be business partners and this is more critical now than ever. The CIMA Professional Qualification that is based on the CGMA Competency Framework developed in consultation with employers, offers the skills and competencies needed by finance professionals to be business partners today and into the future. The framework focuses on core accounting skills, business skills, leadership skills and people skills, all underpinned by ethics, integrity and professionalism.

In addition, CGMAs are now supported by the Global Management Accounting Principles that provide a best practice framework for management accounting functions. Based on the Principles, the British Standards Institute has published the world’s first standard in management accounting: PAS 1919:2016 Guide to management accounting principles in March this year

  1. What advice would you have for people pursuing the qualification?

The advice I would give comes from one of our students who had to juggle his work schedule and CIMA studies at the same time. He came through the Gateway route. It took him about three years studying part-time to pass the Strategic Level of the CIMA qualification. However, the reward of getting the qualification and the CGMA designation far surpasses the efforts and challenges he faced while studying. His advice is as follows:

  • Book the exam ahead before you start your study

In everything we do, we should start by setting a target date first. Do not be in a comfort zone, i.e. feel fully confident first and then book the exam date. This is because, as a student, we will never be fully satisfied with our preparation. Thus, it will just prolong our journey in passing the exam. My strategy was to book the exam at least 2-3 months in advance, followed by having a strategic plan to pass the exam.

  • Plan your study schedule and stick into it

Preparing a schedule will make you confident in covering the whole syllabus without rushing or last minute preparation. I prepared a Gantt chart which included study duration, revisions, mock exam practices, and final lap quick revision. Having a study schedule made me more disciplined and consistent in my studies.

  • Minimum hours per week

I set a minimum number of hours to study each week, without compromising my career, family, friends and personal life. I spent three hours a day during weekdays, and five hours a day during weekends. In total I spend a minimum of 25 hours per week in preparing for the CIMA exams.

  • Study resources

I used various resources such as BPP, Astranti, 1st Institutions, Learn CIMA and CIMA Online.

  1. Could you share with us some examples of professionals who have completed either the CFO Programme or the ISCA-CIMA pathway at SAA-GE?

We are happy to share quotes from two professionals who have successfully completed the CFO Programme and the ISCA-CIMA Pathway at SAA-GE.

Mr. Goh Puck Wah (CFO Programme): 

‘The CIMA Strategic Case Study is a tough paper! It is very important to start the case study preparation at least six weeks before the exam so that you will have more time to analyse on the pre-seen material effectively. The examiners will expect us to apply relevant theory to relate the answers to the pre-seen company. Last but not least, to pass the exam means understanding how the paper is marked, learning how to plan your answers and mastering your time management. These are keys to passing the case study exam.’

Ms. Lisa Mok (ISCA-CIMA Pathway):

‘The CIMA qualification has given me a boost of confidence to showcase my skills, abilities and competencies in accounting and finance and apply them in the context of business. Having a CIMA membership gives me access to articles, publications, self-study courses and extensive professional resources that will equip me with the knowledge and skills I need throughout my career. It has trained me to use my management accounting skills in evaluating strategic options, managing risks and decision-making.’

‘The CGMA designation adds global recognition to my credentials, which I think is valuable in today’s global economy world. I have gained additional respect in my workplace.’

  1. What are the recent initiatives that SAA-GE and CIMA could be exploring?

To build on the success of the Strategic Case Study workshops, we are planning to offer classes for the Management Case Study (MCS) in 2017.  The MCS classes are open to all management level students in Singapore and those who register to pursue the CIMA qualification through the Gateway routes.  The Gateway routes are designed for those who have an MBA or Master in Accounting, and those who are members of IFAC accounting bodies.  We aim to increase face-to-face study support for our students in Singapore.


Joseph, Breaking out of your Comfort Zone, Challenge your limits!

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

SAA Global Education always believes in providing our students with the right stage to shine. And thus, we decided to have a special platform at this year’s Graduation Ceremony to showcase a different side of our students. Other than being book smart, there are also hidden gems among our students who excel and perform well in other areas. We have two “daring” students that took up the challenge in hosting the entire Graduation Ceremony on their own.

Our two emcees of different background and experiences did a great job in controlling the flow and sequence of the ceremony. The MESSAGE editorial team had the chance to do a backstage interview with them on their emcee-ing experience.

Our ACCA student, Joseph Yeo, 23, decided to challenge himself by signing up as an emcee for the Graduation Ceremony. With no prior experience in emcee-ing or speaking to such a big crowd, he feels that it is a chance to see where his limits are.

Joseph described himself as an introvert, someone who is socially awkward and afraid to face the crowd. He was always the quiet guy among his friends and would prefer to stay at home than to hang out in a mall when he was younger. His first break through of his personality was at 15 years old, where he feels that something was not right with himself. He totally disliked the feeling of always being defeated by himself. Thus, he took the first step to bring himself out to face the crowd – eating alone in public.

From then on, he tried various ways to build up his confidence and overcome his awkwardness in facing crowds. He took up part time jobs such as telemarketing to train his confidence in speaking with strangers. Thereafter, he tried to practice his public speaking skills by volunteering to present at school presentations.

“Standing on stage actually scares the hell out of me. I know that I am really scared of it, yet at the same time it makes me want to challenge myself even more” He shared.

He felt satisfied with his performance at the Graduation Ceremony. Although it might not be perfect, but he feels that he had made a huge progress. He reflected that the waiting time at the backstage is scarier than when he actually stepped out to face the crowd. The moment when he was on stage with everyone looking at him, it was not that scary after all. “My legs were shaking like mad when I was at the back stage waiting to step out. Once I took the step to face the audience, at the moment when I start speaking, my legs stopped trembling.” He described as he think back to the moment when he was waiting to face the audience at the ceremony.

The preparations he did before the actual event helped him a lot to overcome his fears. He would verbally read the script out loud in his room, imagining that he is speaking to a crowd. “When I was practicing in my room, I would imagine myself being on the stage, standing in front of a huge crowd, the cameras, the lights and everyone looking at me, and I would read out loud in my room; reading the exact same volume and intonation as if it was on the actual day.” he recalled.

He felt that the only way to overcome his fears is to embrace it. “You will find your greatest growth at where you feel most uncomfortable.” He shared. It is only when you dare to challenge yourself, putting yourself out of your comfort zone; you will find the way to break through.

Yovana, The Natural Speaker and Performer

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

As compared to the quiet guy Joseph, our female emcee Yovana Drinich, 23, has a complete different personality. She was always one of those in the crowd, waiting for her turn to shine on stage.

Raised in Ukraine, she was brought up by her grandparents who shaped her to be who she is today. Her Grandpa took up the role of her parent as her mum was outstationed in ShenZhen running a business when Yovanna was in primary school. Being a strict parent with her upbringing and education, he taught her to overcome her fears and encouraged her to read poems and recite it loud to his friends during special festivals.

When she was in primary school, she picked up a lot of performing skills (eg. Rhythmic Gymnastics, Wushu, Dance). Then she started performing as a dancer in school and even took up Comedy Club/Drama classes. Comedy Club  taught her to think quickly and not to be nervous as she needs to react and respond on the spot once she is given a theme. Yovana added that it is common in Ukraine for students to represent their school to participate in competitions between schools and cities. It can be competition in Maths, Language skills, History or team competitions like Comedy Club. The winning school is rewarded with prizes and prestige.

“You have to take it with a lot of responsibility as everyone is expecting you to perform well. Being a part of Comedy Club team, you have certain privileges in school.  If you are not performing well, you will not be able to represent the school next year and then you will be downgraded from cool kids and lose those privileges.” She recalled as she had such a great time in high school participating in all sorts of competitions and activities.

Then, she moved to Shanghai, intending to complete her tertiary education and help out with the Family business that her mum was managing in Shenzhen. Naturally, with all the fun and enjoyment she had in her high school days, she wanted to find something similar in her university in Shanghai.

Regretfully, she found nothing like that in the Chinese Universities. Thus when she joined Sino-British College (SBC) in Shanghai, she was looking for opportunities and ideas to do something similar. She was so eager and active to get the Student Council started in school back then. She was also actively doing speeches during the Open Day, even emcee-ing at certain events.

As she has always been the “more active” student in school, it was natural and easy for her. She does not have to put much thought into considering about it. She will go for auditions and if she is selected, she will just do it. “Usually it’s just to help out the school when they are looking for someone. It is nice to be able to help out.” She commented, finding it fun and nice to be able to help out in school. She finds it satisfactory to be there, help out the school, and do things like volunteering.

It has been quite a long break since her previous public speaking event in 2014, before she moved to Singapore. As compared to the past events that she had participated, the SAA-GE Graduation Ceremony was considered quite a breeze as the script was provided. She recalled times where she was required to write her own script for the event, including a joke or two to lighten up the atmosphere. With all the challenging past experiences that she had, it was relatively easier for her to get the hang of speaking at the Graduation Ceremony.

When asked to give an encouragement for fellow school mates to participate in school activities, she said, “While you are young and while you are studying, it is like your prime years. You are free, you are independent, you are curious.  If you come just to study, it is kind of like a waste of your prime years. Do as much as you can, be adventurous and try everything. Live while you are young.”


Christmas Celebrations @ SAA Global Education

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

It’s the time of the year for the festive season celebrations! Staff of SAA Global Education gathered on 20 December 2016 to have our very own fun and jovial Christmas gift exchange party. Food and refreshments at this event was generously sponsored by the various Directors and Managers of SAA-GE. The SAA-GE i-Team would like to thank everyone for their participation in making this event a success. The Secret Santa segment was especially well received as everyone was excited and curious to find out who is their Secret Santa. The gifts prepared put a smile to everyone’s face.

We would also like to express our heartfelt thank you to our partners and vendors (ICAEW Singapore, EM-One Marketing, CCH Asia Pte Ltd and ExpressPoint Business Services Pte Ltd) who sponsored gifts for our Lucky Draw segment.

The MESSAGE Editorial Team wishes all readers and students a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year


Go-the-Extra-Mile [GEM] Award

Written by: Joeylyn Lee

This year, SAA Global Education (SAA-GE) had started a new initiative named Go-the-Extra-Mile Award, to recognize and encourage SAA-GE staff to serve our fellow colleagues and students above and beyond the call of our duty.

The criteria for nomination and ballot by the entire company includes:

– Consistently serves the students and fellow colleagues above and beyond the normal call of duty in the performance of his/her jobs while still accomplishing his/her normal job responsibilities;

– Volunteers to take on extra responsibilities not specifically required by his/her supervisor; and

– Takes on extra responsibilities with positive and willing attitude.

The entire process took 6 months and we had our winner announced in mid-November. We would like to congratulate Ms. Jailane Gandia from the Student Admission and Services department for crowning this award!

Ms. Jailane joined us in 2014 as a cheerful young lady who immediately gained attention for her positive and responsible working attitude. Below are the testimonials, proving why Ms. Jailane deserves this recognition from her fellow colleagues:

“She extends her helping hands with her positive and willing attitude.”

“Jailane is always very helpful and knowledgeable.”

“She is very meticulous and does not spare any details when preparing for events.”

“Has seen her good working attitude towards her call of duty to serve students and staff.”

“Jailane has good initiatives and ready to take on extra tasks and put in extra working hours when deeded to achieve service excellence.”

“A positive thinking mind with a cheerful appearance and approachable behaviour.”

“I have never seen she’s angry and complaint on anything or anyone.”

Our best wishes to Ms. Jailane Gandia, who set today’s standard of excellence. We are proud to have her in SAA Global Education.!

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