Overseas Representatives

SAA-GE Agents / Overseas Representatives

Active Agents
Representing Country Name of Agent Effective Date Expiry Date
China, Singapore Asia Link International Services 30-Apr-19 29-Apr-20
Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam AVA Services Trading Manufacture Company Limited 11-Mar-19 10-Mar-20
Sri Lanka Benchmark International Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd 16-May-19 15-May-20
Thailand Better Grade Education Centre (Thailand) Co., Ltd 19-Aug-19 18-Aug-20
New Zealand, Sri Lanka Beverley International (Private) Limited 09-Jul-19 08-Aug-20
India, Singapore, Sri Lanka Deon International Singapore Pte. Ltd. 21-Feb-19 20-Feb-20
China, Singapore Digitocean Pte. Ltd. 13-May-19 12-May-20
Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam DTS Study Abroad Consultant Company (Abbreviation: DTS Study Abroad Co., Ltd) 27-Mar-19 26-Mar-20
Vietnam Duc Tu Trading Corporation (Abbreviation: DTU CORP) 15-Feb-19 14-Feb-20
Sri Lanka E Wings Foreign Educational Centre (Pvt) Ltd 29-Aug-19 28-Aug-20
Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam Edan Travel Planner 10-Jun-19 09-Jun-20
Malaysia Edu Dotcom 03-Jul-19 02-Jul-20
Sri Lanka and Counseling 14-Nov-19 13-Nov-20
China, Singapore Fast Translation Services 11-Oct-19 10-Mar-20
Maldives, Sri Lanka First Friends Campus (Private) Limited 22-May-19 21-May-20
Vietnam First Goal Company Limited (Abbreviation: First Goal Co., Ltd) 15-Aug-19 14-Aug-20
China, India, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand First Royal 06-May-19 05-May-20
China, Taiwan Franklin International Education Group 07-Aug-19 06-Aug-20
Taiwan GLC International Education Group 08-Feb-19 07-Feb-20
Taiwan Global Education Services 15-May-19 14-May-20
Vietnam Global Education Services Company Limited 26-Sep-19 30-Jun-20
India Global Immigration Consultancy Inc 15-Aug-19 14-Aug-20
Vietnam Golden Palm Educational Services and Consultancy Joint Stock Company (Abbreviation: GOPAL EDU JSC) 09-May-19 08-May-20
Vietnam Halo Education Group Joint Stock Company (Abbreviation: Halo Group., JSC) 19-Jun-19 18-Jun-20
India, Singapore Hansfield Services Pte. Ltd. 12-Sep-19 11-Mar-20
India, Singapore Harven Management Consulting Pte. Ltd. 11-Apr-19 10-Apr-20
China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam Honest Education 19-Feb-19 18-Feb-20
Korea HY Overseas Education Service 07-Mar-19 06-Mar-20
Taiwan Index Education Services Ltd. 24-Apr-19 23-Apr-20
Greece, Ukraine and Russia Individual Entrepreneur Yana Balashova 06-Jul-19 05-Jul-20
Sri Lanka Inspire Education Centre 09-Oct-19 08-Oct-20
India International Dreamzz 29-Jan-19 28-Jan-20
Vietnam International Network Education Consultants Co., Ltd (Abbreviation: INEC Co. Ltd) 28-Aug-19 30-Jun-20
Sri Lanka International Scholar Educational Services (Private) Limited 09-Jul-19 08-Jul-20
Japan International Students Services 01-Oct-19 30-Sep-20
Korea, Singapore KHI Global Consulting Pte. Ltd. 21-Mar-19 20-Mar-20
Vietnam KOS Consulting Service Company Limited 25-Feb-19 24-Feb-20
Thailand MAC International Education Consultant Agency (MIECA) Co., Ltd. 07-Jun-19 06-Jun-20
Sri Lanka My Career Prospects 10-Aug-19 09-Aug-20
China Nanjing Orchid Education Consulting Co., Ltd 12-Feb-19 11-Feb-20
China, Singapore Nanyang Cultural & Edu Hub Pte. Ltd. 30-Oct-19 29-Oct-20
Vietnam New World Study Abroad Consulting Company Limited 19-Feb-19 18-Feb-20
Thailand OEC Global Education Co., Ltd 26-Jun-19 25-Jun-20
Sri Lanka Orient Lanka Overseas Academy (Private) Limited 13-Jul-19 12-Jul-20
India Rao Overseas Consultancy Private Limited 25-Jun-19 24-Jun-20
Sri Lanka Royal Giant International (Private) Limited 08-Aug-19 07-Aug-20
Vietnam Sai Gon Viet Education and Intellectual Trade Company Limited 09-May-19 08-May-20
Sri Lanka SEI Campus – Lanka (Pvt) Ltd 09-Oct-19 08-Oct-20
India, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam SME Business Solutions Pte. Ltd. 28-May-19 27-May-20
China, Singapore, Vietnam Study Trust International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 19-Jun-19 18-Jun-20
Malaysia Studyexcel Sdn. Bhd. 31-Aug-19 30-Aug-20
India Studykonnect 30-Aug-19 29-Aug-20
China, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam Success Education Pte. Ltd. 07-Dec-19 06-Dec-20
Taiwan Successful Education Center Co., Ltd 06-Jun-19 05-Jun-20
Thailand Thai Study Abroad Consultant Company Limited 26-Jul-19 25-Jul-20
Korea The Uhak 18-Jul-19 17-Jul-20
Maldvives, Sri Lanka Total Migration Centre 04-Dec-19 03-Dec-20
India Transglobal Overseas Education Consultants 30-Apr-19 29-Apr-20
Korea Uhak 07-Mar-19 06-Mar-20
Sri Lanka Uniwest Education Services (Pvt) Ltd 10-Aug-19 09-Aug-20
Vietnam Viet Human Resource Joint Stock Company (Abbreviation: VINAHURE., JSC) 24-Jun-19 23-Jun-20
Vietnam Viet Phuong Consulting Company Limited 07-Jun-19 06-Jun-20
China, India, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka With Him Only 13-May-19 12-May-20
Indonesia Yayasan Hope 2000 02-Oct-19 01-Oct-20
Inactive Agents
Name of Agent / Overseas Representatives Effective Date of Non-representation
Shinseki Overseas Education Consulting 26-Jan-19
Advanced Technologies and Solutions Company Limited (AT&S) 04-Sep-19
LKP. SITC 15-Oct-19
Crossland Consultants 17-Oct-19
AAA Group Pte. Ltd. 23-Oct-19
Educational Development Institute (Abbreviation: EDI) 25-Oct-19
Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co., Ltd 21-Nov-19
Central Student Services 22-Nov-19
Ascend Edustar Pte. Ltd. 04-Dec-19
Coss Lanka (Private) Limited 14-Dec-19
Vaster New Media & Business Consultancy Pte. Ltd. 14-Dec-19
Blue Ocean Development and Investment, Trading Company Limited 17-Dec-19
Corp-Gift Viet Nam Co., Ltd 27-Dec-19
Shanghai 360 Educational Investment Co., Ltd 27-Dec-19
Good Skill Company Limited 16-Jan-20
Lezhongda Consultancy Pte. Ltd. 22-Jan-20

Please take note that inactive agents will be removed from the list after three months.