Company Sponsorship

Financial Schemes

Company Sponsorship Application Procedure

Step 1: Student is required to fill up SAA-GE Enrolment form, Course Request form indicating Company-Sponsored & choice of classes and submit to the school with relevant documents. E.g. Company Letter, Name card, Highest qualification Certificate, Copy of NRIC or valid working pass & Passport Photographs.

Step 2: Once SAA-GE has received all the relevant documents, allow us 5 working days to process the registration during which we will send the Tax Invoice to the Company for student to make payment.

Step 3: Student will then come with the Company Cheque payable to “SAA Global Education Centre Pte Ltd” to make payment & complete the enrolment formalities.

*Step 4: Student will go to to register membership in order to be eligible for examinations later on. 

*Applicable to New Students.