Transfer, Deferment & Withdrawal Policies

Policies on transfer, deferment and withdrawal are established as part of the student protection and support services management system to ensure all such requests from students are processed in a fair and reasonable manner. These policies provide guidelines to the staff as well as students to avoid any misunderstanding or disputes arising from these circumstances. These policies are communicated to both prospective students and existing students via the appropriate communication channels. The approved student recruitment agents are briefed on these policies during agent training. Up-to-date and accurate records of transfer, deferment and withdrawal are maintained for data analysis and audit purposes.

Transfer Policy
There are two types of transfer:

1.1          Course / Programme Transfer

1.1.1      Course/programme transfer is defined as moving to another course/programme within SAA-GE. For examples, course transfer occurs when a student transfers from one CPE registered course to another, whereas programme transfer refers to when a student who initially enrolled for a course in UOL programme decides to transfer to the ACCA programme.

1.1.2      Such transfer is treated as a new course/programme application. Request for course/programme transfer must be made in writing by completing the Course Request Form. Relevant fees such as Course Transfer Application fee, Student’s Pass (STP) reapplication fee, and Medical Insurance fee shall apply. (FPS premium is now absorbed by SAA-GE).

1.1.3      For Student’s Pass holders, a course transfer request will be submitted to ICA for approval.

1.1.4      In the event that an application pertaining to transfer is rejected by ICA, the student is required to cancel his current Student’s Pass within 7 days.

1.1.5      A new Student Contract will be executed for the course / programme that the student is transferring to.

1.2           Class Transfer

1.2.1      Class transfer is defined as transferring from one class to another within the same course. Transferring from one schedule to another for example full-time to part-time or vice versa is also considered as class transfer.

1.2.2      Request for class transfer must be made in writing by completing the Course Request Form. Student must be reminded to pay Class Transfer Administration Fee upon approval of request.

1.2.2      Request must be accompanied with valid reason/s with supporting documents and subject to SAA-GE’s approval. Upon approval, original receipt and student’s copy of Student Contract must be presented to formalise the class transfer. SAA-GE has sole discretion in approving class transfer depending on merit of the transfer.

1.2.3      Due to the varying course fees, students may be required to top-up any short-fall in the fees. SAA-GE will refund the excess course fee payments, except for the final year students, the excess fees will be placed in student account and a Course Fee Deferment Memo will be presented to student.

1.2.4      As a result of the class transfer, information in Schedules A & B in the Student Contract may change. An addendum will be executed to effect the changes and the addendum will supplement the original Student Contract.

  1. Deferment Policy

A deferment is defined as where a student temporarily stops the course/study for a period of time and resumes thereafter in another intake but remains in the same course at SAA-GE. Students who wish to defer from the current course have to inform SAA-GE in writing by completing the Course Request Form and attach the necessary supporting documents. The form and supporting documents are then forwarded to the Head of Academic and Chief Operating Officer who will evaluate the request and make a decision. In general, students are permitted to defer based on, but not limited to, the following grounds:

  • Illness supported by a medical certificate from a recognized clinic/hospital.
  • Compassionate or compelling circumstances beyond the control of student such as bereavement or declared natural disaster, bankruptcy, and overseas work commitment

The requests for deferment are not granted automatically and it does not guarantee the relevant course/module(s) to be offered when the student resumes his/her studies.

The maximum deferment period for the courses will be the next available intake. Students need to top up if there is any difference in course fee payable to SAA-GE. Students who fail to resume his/her studies after the deferment period shall be deemed as Automatic Withdrawal.

Withdrawal Policy
A course withdrawal is defined as a student discontinuing a course prior to its completion and ceases to be a student of the school. Request for course withdrawal must be made in writing by completing the Course Request Form indicating the valid reason/s and attach the necessary supporting documents (identification card [NRIC/FIN], receipt, medical certificate, etc). Course withdrawal may or may not result in fee refund. Any decision relating to fee refund will be made at the sole discretion of SAA-GE.

Types of Withdrawal and Refund Conditions

Withdrawal due to Non-Delivery of Course

3.1           In the event that any of the following situations arise, SAA-GE will notify students within 3 working days:

3.1.1      it does not commence the course on the commencement date;

3.1.2      it terminates the course before the course commencement date;

3.1.3      it does not complete the course by the completion date;

3.1.4      it terminates the course before the course completion date;

3.1.5      it has not ensured that the Student meets the course entry or matriculation requirement as set by the organisation stated in Schedule A within any stipulated timeline set by CPE; or

3.1.6      the Student’s Pass STP application is rejected by Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Student will be informed of alternative study arrangement (if any) and for circumstances 3.1.1 – 3.1.5 the student will be entitled to a refund of entire course fees and miscellaneous (including STP related fees) already paid should the student decide to withdraw within 7 working days of the above notice.

For circumstance 3.1.6, course fees paid will be refunded but the STP related fees are non-refundable.

Withdrawal due to Other Reasons

3.4           Withdrawal caused by Examination Results
Where a withdrawal is made based on the results of the immediate previous intake, 50% of any course fee paid in the current intake will be refunded. Other terms and conditions for refund apply.*only applicable during the period of results release

3.5           Withdrawal caused by Exemptions
In the event that students obtain a paper/module exemption from the awarding body, SAA-GE shall refund the unconsumed course fee. Other terms and conditions for refund apply. The written request for withdrawal must be supported with exemption notification from the respective awarding body, accompanied by the Course Request Form.

3.6           Withdrawal caused by STP rejection by ICA (Renewal)
In the event that ICA rejects STP renewal during the student’s course of studies, SAA-GE will refund the unconsumed course fee. Other terms and conditions for refund apply. The written request for withdrawal must be supported with photocopy of STP and valid passport. Original STP must be surrendered to SAA-GE (exchanged with the “white card” – Embarkation Card). Student’s Pass holder is required to submit photocopy of his/her passport and Student’s Pass to the School for cancellation of Student’s Pass with ICA.

3.7           Withdrawal caused by Other Conditions/Situations
SAA-GE will consider the following as grounds for request to withdraw: hospitalization; medical conditions certified by a Singapore registered doctor; overseas assignments of more than two months (must be supported by certification from student’s company); and emergency reservist of more than two weeks. Written request for withdrawal must be accompanied with relevant supporting document. SAA-GE has sole discretion in approving withdrawal on case to case basis depending on the merit of the request. Terms and conditions for refund apply. Student’s Pass holder is required to submit photocopy of his/her passport and Student’s Pass to the School for cancellation of Student’s Pass with ICA.

Processing Timeline
The maximum processing time for transfer, deferment and withdrawal from the point the request is received to informing the student of the final outcome does not exceed 4 weeks. If the student is not satisfied with the final outcome, he/she can seek redress through the School’s Feedback Management System which will be dealt according to the Dispute Resolution Policy.

Policy Review
These policies are reviewed annually to ensure that they remain relevant and for continual improvement.