University of London Course Preview

31 May

Find out how a degree from the University of London with academic direction from the LSE builds your success in the business world.

SAA Global Education offers a variety of University of London BSc programmes with academic leadership from London School of Economics. Experience the programmes through our Course Preview and find out more about the UOL courses we offer. 

Featured Lecturer

Find out how studying in a smaller class size can help you obtain a prestigious University of London degree.
Speaker: Mr. Teo Chua Chin, Head of Academic

Student Testimonial

saa global education Chang Wei Sqaure

“The lecturers at SAA Global Education have played a crucial role in my academic journey; without them, I would not be where I am today. The caliber of the lecturers here, coupled with the appropriate class size, made studying easier and more enjoyable.”

Chang Wei Liang
Worldwide top examination mark for two papers in 2015 and one paper in 2016.
University of London BSc 1st Class Honours Degree in Accounting & Finance, Aug 2016.
The University of London awarded him a full scholarship to pursue a master’s degree at LSE in 2016.



We currently have 2 options for the Course Preview. You can either:-

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  • Come down to our campus to have a more face-to-face consultation with our Head of Academic. Fill in the registration form below if you prefer to visit our campus for the session.