SAA Global Education International Student Scholarship

SAA-GE is offering scholarships to international students that cover the tuition fees of the following programmes:

  • Preparatory Course for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Examination
  • Preparatory Course for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Examination
  • Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  • Diploma in Business Management

Eligibility Criteria & Value of the Scholarship Award 

Scholarship matrix

This is only applicable to international students applying for student pass.

IELTS Academic average – or equivalent
70-79/7-7.9/350+ 80-89/8-8.9/550+ 90+/9-9.9/700+
5 5% 10% 15%
5.5 10% 15% 20%
6 15% 20% 35%
6.5 20% 40% 50%
7 30% 50% 60%
7.5 40% 60% 70%
8 50% 70% 80%
8.5 60% 80% 90%


  1. IELTS must be official score.
  2. Scholarship only applies to SAA-GE’s Tuition fee for all programmes. Not applicable to other fees. 
  3. Scholarship is not offered towards third party fees submitted to the institution where the scholarship is related. (For example, University of London’s fees, ACCA fees, or any other third party fees.)
  4. For renewal, students must attain 90% attendance and it will subject to lecturer’s recommendation. Examination results will also be included as one of the criteria.

**In the event that an applicant is selected, he/she will need to apply for a SAA Global Education student pass to come into Singapore as a full-time student pass holder.

No bond is required under the terms of this scholarship.

How to Apply

Download Scholarship Application Form, submit application & required documentation to:

SAA Global Education
111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset
Singapore 238164

Only successful applicants would be notified.

Contact Us
Tel : +65 6733 5731

Closing Date
2 months before term starts