About Michele Piccoli (Part-time)

Michele Piccoli is an English and Italian lecturer. She has just completed her T.E.S.O.L training. She has been teaching language and art however since 1996 at local and International schools as well as teaching for the Italian Embassy. She also worked for The Scottish National Trust, Natural Heritage and the Tourist Board.

Michele has a BA Hons and Diploma as well as various Certificates in Fine Art studied in Singapore, China and Australia. She has an L.C.C.I. and C.A.M. Certificate in Public Relations and a Practical Public Relations C.A.M Diploma exam. She has C.A.M. Certificates in Advertising, Behavioural Studies and Media. Michele had a Basic Speech and Drama Certificate. She also has a D.P.A. in Personnel Administration and a BA in Public Administration to include politics, philosophy, and psychology.