About Song Shufang (Part-time)

Ms Song has over 30 years of working experience in teaching and teaching research area and has achieved the following academic attainments. She has attended on Compile and Edit of Teaching Plan and Program organized by National Education Committee (China) and Liaoning Education Committee on several occasions. She is the Chief Editor for “Principle of Electrical Works”, a Polytechnic Textbook Planning organized by the Liaoning Education Committee. Mdm. Song is also the Chief Editor for “Principle of Video Recorder and Repair Works”, “Principle of Video Recorder”, “Electrical Repair Skills”, etc, the Textbook Planning organized by the National Education Committee (China). She is a leader for study projects topic solution of the “Application for Modern Media in Vocational Education Teaching”, a study which has been Checked and Certified by Liaoning Province Education Committee. Ms Song has more than 10 years teaching experience for the Advanced diploma course (Mandarin) and training in other topics.

Ms Song holds a Bachelor degree in Educational Management from the Education Institute of Liaoning (China) and a Bachelor of Tele-communication from the University of Liaoning (China).She also holds Cambridge International Diploma in Project Management from Cambridge University, UK (Singapore) with Distinction.