About Willard Tan (Part-time)


Mr. Tan has more than a decade of career experience in a management capacity, alongside his acclaimed academic expertise. As teaching is his passion, Willard simultaneously works as an Adjunct Lecturer, Programme Leader, and Dissertation Supervisor with various Universities and Institutes of Higher Education, specialising in strategic management, hospitality and tourism management. He is also a faculty professional development trainer, sharing best practices in applied learning and teaching, and encouraging the development of a professional learning community.

Willard holds a BA in Hospitality & Tourism Management (Distinction), and an MBA in Hospitality Management (Distinction) from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. In terms of teaching qualifications, he has completed the Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching awarded by Republic Polytechnic, Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers awarded by the University of Cambridge, ACTA, and the Certificate of Professional Practice in Public Speaking awarded by the London Teacher Training College, UK. He is currently pursuing towards a Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.