About Wong Mun Wai (Edgar) (Part-time)

MBA, B.Sc. Honours in Economics, B.Sc. First Class Honours in Applied Accounting

Edgar held various positions in banking, insurance and property sectors for more than 30 years. He has worked in Standard Chartered Bank and NTUC Income.

Currently, through his accounting practice, he and his team are providing consultancy services to SMEs from service, retail to manufacturing sectors on strategy, finance and tax issues across various jurisdictions.

He is an integral facilitator to some merger and acquisition activities.

As an associate lecturer and corporate trainer, Edgar is also active in various professional and degree programmes with ACCA, ISCA, ACRA, SID and premier education providers. Infusing practical experience into his academic programmes.

Edgar graduated with Honours in Economics from the National University of Singapore and completed the Diploma of Banking and Finance, ACCA and B.Sc. (Honours – First Class) under ACCA/Oxford Brookes University and Strathclyde MBA.