About Yeo Ai Ling


Ms Yeo graduated with an MBA for Financial Managers and Finance Professionals with merit from Manchester Business School, UK. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tasmania, Australia, as well as a Graduate Diploma in E-Commerce Marketing with Certificate of Commendation. In terms of teaching qualifications, she has a TESOL and has completed the Specialist Diploma in Applied Learning and Teaching by Republic Polytechnic.

Ms Yeo worked for a multinational corporation handling international projects, business analysis and market research and was required to design training materials and conduct in-house training to local and overseas subsidiaries.

For more than 10 years now, Ms Yeo has been lecturing on Business and Accounting subjects at diploma and undergraduate level to both local and international students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar and Mongolia. Ms Yeo also teaches English as a second language to foreigners.

Singapore placing since December 2007:

June 2009 T1 1st (x2), 2nd & 3rd (x2) Placing
T3 1st Placing
T6 1st, 2nd & 3rd Placing
Dec 2009 T2 1st & 2nd Placing
T3 1st Placing
T6 3rd Placing
June 2010 T1 1st & 2nd Placing
T3 1st Placing
T6 1st Placing
T10 1st & 3rd Placing
Dec 2010 T2 1st Placing
T6 1st & 3rd Placing
Jun 2011 T7 1st Placing
T7 2nd Placing
Dec 2012 MA1 1st & 3rd Placing